Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello, Disappointment.

I had a bad feeling when I opened the Real Estate section of the Sunday paper and saw that they were holding an open house for the place that was considering our counteroffer - texted F., and she called within a half hour, just heard from the selling agent. The sellers went with the other offer, because they countered back higher (instead of what the sellers asked for) and increased their deposit. Would have been nice if they'd given us a chance to counter again.

Not surprised, really, this is beginning to be a habit - just have the icky feeling that we were totally played.

And F. shared her conversation with the agent from the other cute house we bid on last week - this realty company has many of the listings in El Cerrito and Richmond Annex. The agent told F. that they prefer mortgage brokers in the immediate area that they know and work with - and offers with those mortgage brokers are looked on more favorably. Again, that icky feeling.

Beginning to really, really hate this whole process.


  1. Grrrrr. :( Hang in there, M. But what a dispiriting succession of events... Buyer's market? Hmmm.....

  2. I'm sorry - but do keep on keeping on!