Saturday, October 10, 2009

Suspense Is A Killer

Saturday morning, and I am sitting on pins and needles - and it's not remotely comfortable. We followed our strategy, made an offer on the second Richmond Annex house - it was listed at $412K, we offered $440K with $15K back on closing costs, and the offer set to expire at 6:00PM on Thursday. The selling agent called F. almost immediately, said there was multiple family members who needed to approve the offer, and he would try to reach them by our deadline. Back and forth on phone calls, but no offer approval by the end of Thursday - and no idea if there would be one.

So we made an offer on the cuter Annex house (offers due by 11:00AM on Friday - 11:00AM, really??). List price $449K, we offered $480K with nothing back.

By Friday night we had more answers - no chance on the cuter house - the selling agent said she had received three offers over $500K (gulp). And the other agent finally called back with a counteroffer - $460K, $15K back and a shortened ten day inspection period (instead of the usual 17 days). Much phone traffic between the Husband, F. and myself - and we decided to go ahead. Then found out there was a second offer on the house that the agent was also trying to counter. Sigh. So no idea yet if they've accepted our offer.

I will now try to get the landscaping I've planned for the front yard out of my head, and will resist the urge to research Richmond's street tree policy.

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