Thursday, September 3, 2009

...Hitting the Bottom of the Pool

September 2, and I try very hard to stay focused on work. I resist calling F. until nearly 11:00AM, which I think shows tremendous restraint on my part. She laughs when I call, checks her email and finds one from the seller's realtor. It is very nice, but says that the seller has accepted another offer, with conventional financing and a larger deposit. She will certainly be in touch if this sale does not work out.

F. does her best to cheer me up, but I'd let my imagination run away, and gotten too invested in the house. I am heartbroken. I was so convinced that it was the house for us. I call the Husband, who is in Milwaukee for the rest of the week - he tries to cheer me up by telling me we can buy a beautiful house for $200K less in Milwaukee. He also points out the 90-day moratorium on foreclosures in California was instituted on June 15, so there should be a wave of foreclosures soon. This depresses me even more. I don't want to benefit from someone losing their house,

I call girlfriends and wallow. The dogs do their best - the little one licks my ankle while the bigger one jumps onto the couch and puts his snoot in my ear. I can hear my father in my head, laughing about "the healing power of dog spit."

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  1. As the famous WWII british propaganda poster says "Keep Calm and Carry On!"