Sunday, September 6, 2009

If At First (or Second, or Third) You Don't Succeed

After observing several days of house-mourning, I feel ready to move on (although I'm pretty sure every time I drive by that house, it calls to me). After thinking that the housing market still pretty much sucks, a friend gave me a reality check by telling me about the first two houses he and his partner bid on at the height of the housing madness. They had the second to lowest bid on both, with 27 and 31 others bidding, respectively. 31 offers! Makes 8 offers look downright measly.

Labor Day weekend, so the Sunday real estate section is thin - nothing new in our price range (at least in a neighborhood where we'd want to live), so taking the weekend off from open houses. Will putter in my rental garden (and when we move, we're taking our rosebushes with us. I'm just sayin'.) and gorge myself on the DIY network (or as the Husband calls it, "house porn.").

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  1. M, I had to get all caught up here! Great chronicling of an INSANE task.... even in a buyer's market, the scene there is so unreal (and we miss it like crazy). Hey, we have a lovely, 1850's Greek Revival up the street available for $180k! Heee. Best of luck, we'll be watching from a distance .... L&D