Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We keep telling ourselves that some people look for months and months. Homeowner friends regale us with stories of bidding on eight, nine, ten houses before finally being successful. But isn't the homebuying world supposed to be different now?

Sunday August 24, and we have only two houses on our list. One is back in the Richmond Annex. The owners have made some questionable choices in the improvements. They took out the shower in the master bathroom, and turned it into a cedar closet. Sink, toilet, cedar closet. Hmmm. The second largest bedroom was wired to be a home office, leaving the tiny third bedroom (that can barely fit a twin bed) for guests. The other bathroom has been retiled in turquoise. The house itself is very 70s era, with the same concrete and bonsai Japanese garden that we have at our rental, which does not appeal, although the double garage makes the Husband salivate. Asking price: $425K.

The second house is most decidly not open; several househunters peer through the windows with us and see belongings strewn everywhere. There are children's toys and garden pots piled in the overgrown front yard. We will ask F. to investigate.

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